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Sunday, May 3, 2009

how to improve Programming Skill

Programming is the art of instructing a computer to perform a task. The key to accomplishing this feat is learning to think like a computer. Programming is one of the most mentally challenging tasks a human being can perform, but nothing compares to the satisfaction of engineering a piece of code to solve a specific problem.
I tackle many personal development problems with a programmer’s mindset.
  • How do we define the problem?
  • What are the possible solutions?
  • Which solution best meets our constraints?
  • What are the instruction steps to implement the solution?
  • Does the solution produce the desired output?
  • Can we make this solution more elegant or optimal?

I’ve taken the common programming process of requirements gathering, architecture, design, coding, debugging, and optimization and applied it to personal development.

While humans certainly aren’t as precise or predictable as machines — we have major compatibility issues, sometimes even with ourselves — a programmer’s mindset can generate effective solutions to very human problems. Intuition is a big factor in both personal development and programming, but I like that there’s a structured fallback process that works in both fields. It’s much harder to use this process in personal development though because we know how a computer thinks, but we’re still figuring out how humans think.

Competence builds confidence. As you develop your technical skills, you’ll feel more comfortable with all forms of technology. This will encourage you to branch out and leverage technology even more.